Playing with the Gamestop Snake Eyes Helmet

So picked up the Snake Eyes Gamestop exclusive helmet after seeing positive reviews online, there was some negative comments about the Cobra Commander bucket, but the SE turned out to be pretty decent.

So for the price, it’s a fantastic piece, the one major issue folks will have is sizing as it runs a bit small so some people will struggle to get this on their head, and if they do some can’t get it to properly closed. Course there is some who are working on modding these to make them fit on larger heads, but one needs to be careful. Including some dimensions for folks to see.

The helmet opens like a hinge, using elastic bands built into the sides to hold it tightly shut, but also prevents a person from opening the shell up completely. Wonder if these could be cut and replaced with strong magnets?

Helmet opening is skinny and hardest part for some to get on, it’s only about 6.5" wide

The length is about 7.5" long and when opened at max it’s around 8"

So with a mix of parts I have I started to play with ideas of making a Snake Eyes outfit. This is experimentation so far but looking to slowly get parts to make more accurate outfits closer to the sources and also to possibly create multiple variants. Using stuff I already had mainly, did a quick test…

Inspiration being the V52 Desert Battle Snake Eyes from the Pursuit of Cobra line of figures. Clearly got some work to do, mainly focusing on the vest. As the toy shows it’s more of a coat like vest, on the toy its pretty bulky so gonna go with something likely more form fitting, the bottom of it really sticks out a good bit away from the body on the toy. But looking to get a vest thats more padded and with a higher collar. I will then see about modding to add more correct pouches, and to add the harness straps dangling from it which hold the mac-10s. Getting a silver buckle, and so on. Maybe no wolf…


Also looking at getting some parts to put together a Sideshow statue like commando, which comes with visor head option too. Once again can recycle many parts I already own so just need to pick up a few items and give it a test run too.


Thanks for the details in that helmet! Very helpful!

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New vest that works better for the V52 style. More bulk to match the desert battles SE and has the higher and thinner collar also which is closer to the toy. Padded also, so gives it a bit more accurate look too. Think it could use some mods to try and make it more figure accurate such as the drop straps at the bottom and maybe new pouches


So this is more accurate, got sweater and a couple bits. Based on the Sideshow premium statue of commando SE with the visor helmet option. Want to swap the pouch and nade out, but otherwise turned out good. Sweater is hot as hell, so this would be for those cold convention halls only


How’s the visibility through the visor?

It’s limited but not too bad. I’ve seen worse on other folks custom visors.

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