Prop build: Cobra Commanders briefcase (non-canon)

I came across this mid 1980s Zero Halliburton aluminum case and I instantly thought back to so many films of where both heroes and villains alike would carry a case full of money or secret military plans or the like. I picked it up thinking this would be a nice prop to have for my Cobra Commander cosplay

Recently I built a few props that I don’t carry out to cons due to restrictions on realistic weapons. I still covet these items and wanted to give them a home so I tailored a custom interior to hold the parts.

First up I made these polished aluminum flash bang style grenades out of scrap metal that I had sitting around. The core is a wood closet rod with a metal sleeve over it using an army surplus grenade for scale and fuses from eBay I got pretty cheaply.

Next up I had these test tube shaped plastic caps from my toothbrush refills that I made into a prop that could be an antidote or chemical weapon chamber or whatever sounds good. Again, scrap aluminum and some clear two part epoxy I tinted red. The resin was going bad so it’s not the best cure but the bubbles somehow add to the look for me.

Next up is my version of the Venom Blaster pistol. I built this for photo shoots and not for Cons, but it needed a good home to live in

Put in all together in one case and you get this
I also added some fake $100 stacks to round out the vibe. The padding is EVA foam mats from harbor freight (anti fatigue mats)

Lastly a black Cobra sigil for good measure!

Hope you enjoyed and perhaps got a little inspiration along the way.


Wow, thats gorgeous and amazing photos too!

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Thank you! Much appreciated

wow thts crazy cool man. good job

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Man, that’s cinema quality prop making right there!

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Thank you :pray: so much!!!

“The latest in travel accessories from ARB Co. Springfield”


That is very cool! I love the ideas you have for creating the parts. I hope to see more in the future. Great work!!!


Thank you :pray: much appreciated!