Proposed Steel Brigade Recipe

Hoping to get into this group when the funds will allow. Whomever runs the 5th’s facebook page suggested I put my recipe here to see if others had input.

(Here there’d be screenshots of my recipe if I wasnt a new member)

The results of quick Amazon searches. With more time, some better pieces could be found. I’m aiming for a v1a look.


Light Blue Ribbed Turtleneck
Rothco “Ranger Vest” in OD
Black H Harness, BDU belt, and drop leg holster
Khaki BDU trousers
black jump boots
Rubber bayonet and sheath
Jumbo musette bag in OD
OD blanket
Tan Beret

(Helmet of course)

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If you’re on Facebook, you should check out the Finest Recruitment Center. We have several members who made this costume, so maybe you can also get input there. I also make patches and this unit patch is one of the many I’ve done. I got the original artwork from Ron Rudat and made this.

I am the new Member Liason Officer, so if you need anything, let me know. Look forward to seeing the progress!

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Also, do you have a lead on a helmet? If not, we have a member who 3D prints them. @SGT_Airborne

Thanks for the info. Goings will be slow, I am broke. But I am hopeful that the near future will be kind.


I have already found better/more appropriate versions of some of the gear. Gloves I like more, knee pads the right color. For now I’m abandoning the rucksack.

I also have a modern knife/bayonet in that wish list, but I’d love to find a casting of an M3 Fighting knife.

The belt in that list should have been black, and the beret tan.


The turtleneck looks like the perfect shade of blue.

Good to hear that. I’m colorblind. Which is why the first kneepads I picked were tan, rather than OD.

How’s everything else? I like that vest, but it has a ‘game pouch’ on the back, it is a hunting vest.

I do also have a line on a helmet now too.

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Just sent the PayPal for a helmet. That should be headed my way soon.

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Hey @SteelBrigadier. I just got these in today. They are 3" high. Might be a good size for your beret. They are 75% embroidered.

They are $5 shipped and I have plenty.


I will keep that in mind for the rest of my outfit.

In other news, the helmet has landed.


That looks very nice, who made it?

Not sure. I bought it from the original buyer, who admitted to not being able to finish the build.

It looks like one of @SGT_Airborne designs.

I have some spare khaki Dickies cargo pants (current Stanley Steemer uniform pants).

Would those be acceptable?

Hard to say without seeing it. If they’re the right style and color though, there shouldn’t be much issue.

That’s not me, but those are the pants.

Looks like a guy from corporate I kinda know.

At a glance, it seems like they could be good. Certainly nothing stands out as wrong.

Do I NEED a silver belt? I don’t think they look good in real life.

It’s a fairly prominent detail. If you didn’t have it, it would definitely be a comment. If everything else was perfect you might be fine, but it’s hard to say without seeing everything together.

If you don’t like the metallic look, maybe consider a flat light gray? It might work if the other silver bits match it too.