Recoil's Powder Blue Rifle

@Panzer I have looked on ebay but last time I checked last week I only saw one and it wasn’t that cheap unfortunately. I don’t plan on doing recoil too often so if I can avoid spending a lot on a rifle I’mgoing to paint powder, blue, i will hehe


Got lucky when I was building my modern Copperhead cause I found an M4 with grenade launcher, spring loaded airsoft rifle at Ollie’s for like $20. It was neat that the grenade launcher would also cock the spring, in addition to the pull lever on the back. Of course, I had no use for a working airsoft rifle, so I ripped out all the firing mechanisms to make it oven-safe.

All that to say, you’ve got the right idea. Keep waiting. Eventually you’ll find a cheap one that is ready to go.