Recoil's Powder Blue Rifle

Welp… finally time for me to finish this Recoil build. You don’t wanna be a Joe without a weapon and Recoil has a lovely powder blue rifle.


Easy enough build I think but still some work to do.

  1. Scope
  2. Bayonet
  3. Grenade Attachment (the toughie)

and then it all gets painted blue! Should be fun. I’ll post pics here once I get each item.


There is airsoft classic era M203 grenade launchers but you need a corresponding compatible airsoft gun to go with it too. It’s pricey combo to get, I would probably try to just use some PVC and foam to make a fake one really unless you try to go a more modern and available route, like a common cheap airsoft M4 with grenade launcher maybe


Found this which may work for you

Or this one

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Man I forgot to catch up on this! I appreciate the help with the links! I’m coming back to finish that rifle and the harness.

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I got a little distracted today. Rather than finally sitting down and buying a prop rifle to paint, I ended up finishing up Recoil ( v1’s ) harness…more or less.

Not photographed are the gloves and boots, but those are done. When I sat down to map what needed to get done [upper front strap, strap that loops around lower torso, squares on harness, grenade loadout] I realized I had pretty much everything I needed from other Joe outfits.

Anyone that’s bought a Condor H Harness knows the front comes with a strap and parachute buckle. I just moved it up higher, then added grenades from my Duke bandoliers. For the lower strap, I used a regular belt that I use for Cutter v1.

If you know Reoil, you know the v1 Harness comes with a bunch of squares on the harness straps that look like rifle magazines because of the striations on them. For now I’ve chosen not to bother with them. The modern Recoil doesn’t have them and it’s the one time I ‘cheated’ on the build.

All that’s left is the middle grenade on the upper strap and the Rifle!


NJRIPPER gave some good links above, and I may end up going with the eBay link. But I have to wonder…if one were to build their own grenade launcher attachment, how would they? Been going back and forth to see which is the most cost effective choice. Specially since I know I’d were Duke more than I would Recoil.

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Fabricating a M203 from scratch is doable. EVA FOAM for the heatshield, PVC for the barrel, you can buy the M203 barrel handguard online. Probably the way to go if you’re looking at using a toy rifle.

PVC barrel, get some ribbed material like a flexible pipe cut it to make a handguard. You can probably skip a trigger really.

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It’s not pipe cheap but the forends are actually reasonable.

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I’d just 3D print an M203 and call it good

Ideally the 3D print would be the best bet. Don’t really have access to many ppl with one. The few that do are tied up on bigger projects for now unfortunately.

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@wjay check with Andrew Bowers.


Scratch building this isn’t really hard. If I can build a minigun from scratch you can build a bloop tube!

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One trip to home depot and a couple hrs, done. Also cheap

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I’m likely hitting up Home Depot on Sunday for a research trip. I’ll be sure to document the process of building the darn thing here haha. Found an M16 airsoft on ebay for a cheap enough price that’ll make a fine base. The Scope and Bayonete will not be hard.

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References to help.
M203.PDF (138.5 KB)

Is this for the interior of the attachment? The ‘skeleton’ per se?

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@wjay - hit up @SGT_Airborne, Andrew Bowers, @Fifthrate, Sean Cho, etc. They may be able to do print commissions for you.


That PDF is the lower portion of this image sans barrel. So fire control group, and the attachment points to the rifle.

Or just get a simple cheap airsoft of a M4 with M203 which are common and not expensive and paint it blue? Add bayonet in that silly location the toy had it, extent out the stock, it’s close enough