Reporting in from SC

Hi everyone!

Currently working on a RAH Shipwreck and a IDW Cobra Commander. I’ll probably be pestering a few people here but hope to see you alla round at either photoshoots or conventions!

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Welcome! Can’t wait to see progress pics.

Same here! Have some of my parts from when I was in the USN but a few items I am picking up next month.

I am going to need some help with the Cobra Commander build.

Welcome aboard!

It may help to begin a library of images for this version of IDW Cobra Commander, if you have not begun so already.

It will help to identify key reference points which will add to the core list of ‘must have’ features versus inconsistent items that can be considered ‘elective’ or ‘optional’

Think you were asking about the hood/mask as well right?

Came across this Nevada USA based vendor on etsy

Can’t vouch for them, but perhaps it would help in working out the pattern and functionality of the hood

Thanks! I am looking at doing a solid jumpsuit, and reusing my TIE Pilot boots and gloves.
For Shipwreck I am like 80% done. Need to get the shoes and belt. Shouldn’t be too hard, probably have that finished in the next few weeks.