Snake Eyes v54 Costume Build

Here is my build for my v54 Snake Eyes costume. I chose this version Snake Eyes because IMO it’s the best looking version of Snake Eyes and he came with both the commando and visor heads. The build was pretty simple and I can use some of the pieces for multiple costumes. Here is a breakdown of what I used.


The pants are standard black military BDUs, no particular brand with a riggers belt. I bought the black commando sweater off of eBay, used, for a pretty good price. I added a black compass pouch to each arm (again, cheap pretty much anywhere) and patches I made myself. Also added a black ribbed Dickie for the neck coverage.

The harness rig had to be built. I bought a H-Harness and battle belt from Amazon or eBay

I made the horizontal mag pouch harness from 2 MP5 pouches, 1¼" nylon webbing, some 1¼" buckles, a piece of ABS plastic, and some hot glue. I also added a small random pouch to the back of the belt and a camelpak to the back of the vest. I also have straps attached to the battle belt that go between the legs (not shown)

These are the parts I used to complete the costume and the best part is, most can be used for other costumes. They were bought from random places and can be picked up pretty cheap. Knee pads (painted gray), a training knife with sheath, balaclava, toy grenade, broken airsoft Uzi, drop leg holster and pouches with a broken airsoft M1911. Load outs can be altered.

Last, but not least, the helmet. This was made and modified by the talented Kenilworth Props and Costumes - Home | Facebook
It’s based on a Sideshow version and is made to size. The goggles were bought off of eBay.

Also, not shown, are the standard combat boots.

Here is the finished product.

This has got to be one of my favorite and most comfortable costume to wear.

Also…if you are looking for patches for your costume, I went through every character (I’m pretty sure) and created their unit patch. You can check them out here.


Fantastic work. Is the sweater wool? Know the brand?

I’m looking for a black commando sweater for SE builds also and typically he always had a turtle neck. Only turtle neck style I’ve found was heavy wool and super hot. Being in FL I would prefer a cotton or acrylic style to help keep cool but those all lack the turtleneck.

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It’s a Brigade Quartermasters 100% wool sweater. It breaths very well. I wore this at JoeFest and didn’t sweat at all. Same with my Beachhead sweater. It to is 100% wool and I wore it at Yorktown that one year. I was comfortable all day and I’m a bigger guy LOL. The Dickie is acrylic and worked well to hide the balaclava and it has that look.

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Oh I didn’t realize that it was a dickie and not a turtle neck sweater. That would be a good option, do you have a link or info on brand/type of the dickie you used, that would solve a big problem I’ve been having lol?


This isn’t the exact one I purchased (no longer available), but this is pretty much all it is.


Nice, thanks! That should be perfect


Nicely done! Thanks for heeding the call!

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