South Carolina - Operation Yorktown VI - April 17, 2020 - Mt Pleasant (Patriot's Point) SC

Jets, ships, and jeeps oh my! Operation Yorktown is an annual gathering of Finest members from multiple garrisons. It’s an action packed weekend full of amazing photoshoots and fun social gatherings that takes place at the Patriot’s Point Naval Museum and Vietnam Experience, and around the Charleston area. All are welcome, shenanigans promised!

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This year was awesome. Definitely want to do it again.

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Following this one! Would love to make it out this year!


So they thinking of a March date this instead of April?

Typically it falls the last weekend of March or the first weekend of April. It’s whenever the Patriots Point staff aren’t expecting large school or vet groups that they like us to come.

any way we could nail a date? I need to make sure I have a AL set up. I’d love to go

I doubt I will ever be able to attend, but this just looks like an amazing time!

I’m gonna put this down as a maybe. It all depends on what weekend

March 26th through the 28th with the 27th the day of the photo shoot will be next year’s dates. Mark your calendars, and let’s see if we can bring back the Finest House next year!


Marking it down- I want to make it out there!

It’s official now? :open_mouth:

99.9% official for that date.

Sweet. As always, I offer my couch and floors if anyone needs a place to sleep. I live 15 minutes away from the big boat.

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I’m going to be skipping next year since I’m doing Joe Fest 2020. Need to cut down on long distance trips, so Retro Con in the North and JoeFest in the South. Although, I hope a Finest House does happen!


i want to make it to my 3rd one. so much fun

I need to make it out to this.


I’d love to return at some point. Next year could be the one!

Here are some shots from our talented photographers at Operations 1-5.


Giving this one a bump since it’s getting into February. Is this official date? Just want to verify so I can get a hotel booked or some other arrangement. Also down to split a room with someone.

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Official date updated to April 17, more details here: