Steam-Roller build

This is a fairly simple build for the inexperienced and is also a very inexpensive build if your a first timer or on a budget.
I will post links for the items i used
Total build was roughly about $120
Scratch build having no parts prolly closer to $250. (Boots is a big $$ item)

Patch can be found here…Patch Czar | Facebook

Dogtags can be found here
Or anywhere that makes them.

These gloves can be found here

Next up is belt and attachments

These items are a small pocket knife case found here

A fairly standard wallet chain…found here

A check book style wallet … found here

Standard brown leather belt (i had to make one for myself) but you can get them anywhere like Walmart.

And a large brown leather pistol holster & pistol

As I made my own belt & holster I used the same faux leather for both … you will need to make the holster as a real revolver holster is entirely too small.

The faux leather I used can be found here…

The pistol is a dollar general OSF Mega revolver similar to a Rhino.

Here you can see the use of the 1 buckle on the holster, as well as how I bulged the leather to stay rigid. (Soda bottle cut & heat molded)

The Pistol can be found at dollar general for $5 or on Ebay at a considerable markup

Next up is the tactical vest… pretty standard black tac vest …

only needs 2 adjustments to be accurate.
first adjustment is the sides so the vest hangs open to show his ripped 6 pack :rofl:
2nd adjustment is to fold the bottom up inside approximately 2 inches (I used velcro) so you get that exposed love handles look above the belt.
The vest can be found here…

Next is 6 grenades… correct are “baseball” style however they can be hard to find and pricey even for 3D printed ones… so I chose classic “pineapple” style… these need to be painted OD green to be accurate… and can be attached however you choose… I used clips attached to the molle straps on the vest.

I used the top clips to attach the nades & 1 of the bottom buckles on the holster strap. These can be found at walmart or hobby lobby.

The grenades can be found on Ebay here … or around Halloween at costume shops… price varies

Next up is the pants… Propper Coyote brown washed 2 times hot with fabric softener to get correct shade and a comfortable feel…

They can be found here

next up is the boots… his boots are not standard combat boots they are in fact regular old everyday dirty brown work boots… ( he is technically a truck driver ) cuffs tucked into his boot tops and excess billowing over the boot.

any work boots similar to these below will work.

Last up is a personal choice the 3D muscle shirt ( not required ) I’m very self conscience about my size so i chose it to make the outfit pop…

it can be found here

IF you decide to go the shirt route, some tailoring will be required to make it not look like a Halloween costume… this includes pulling in the neckline in the back to remove breastbone wrinkles & adding finger loops to hold the sleeves tight to the gloves to remove arm wrinkles. as well as painting the “Pierced Heart” tattoo on the arm.

If you decide against the muscle shirt option you may also use a plain white shirt under the vest… keep in mind that source material is limited as he was never in the cartoon and only had a cameo in 2 issues of the comic (seen below) and appeared very different from the figure and card art .

One final detail I almost missed… a small round container in his right rear pocket (chewing tobacco can)

In costume pics… still have a few minor adjustments to go…


Hat + Patch (i had) $20
Dog-Tags $7
tac vest $30
Grenades x8 $20
Nade clips (i had) $10 50ct assorted
Gloves $16
knife sheath $6
Wallet chain $5
Wallet (i had) $13
Pistol (i had) $5 dollar general
leather for holster & belt $10
Pants (i had) $30
Boots (i had) $20 - $200 depends on many factors…size,style,comfort,personal choice

Muscle shirt (personal choice) $20 not required

                     Total $197 with assumption of $25 work boots

I’m glad you pointed out the boots!
People often leave out the footwear from a build in either budget or in their interpretation yet they’re super important in the look.

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Also in the comfort :rofl::rofl: especially if your standing around for 12hrs.

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Ok I think that’s everything for that. Except a pic of me wearing it.

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Dig the handmade revolver holster!

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Added a few final pics

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