Stinger (Jeep) - WIP

Now that my Stinger Driver costume is complete (and my car is finally paid off) getting ready to start on my Stinger. Before I get the Jeep I wanted to get some feedback. I have seen a couple out there, one had a missle rack but I can’t find where I saw them. Anyone have one or know what group the missle equipped one is in? If so please shoot me a link or post a picture on here. Since its pretty difficult to make one look completely like the toy I am going to take some liberties with it and am currently debating between 2 and 4 door model Thinking 4 door and attaching a removable platform on the back section of the rollbar. Also trying to source or get construction ideas for the missles.

John Barrows did his Jeep up like a stinger with missiles perhaps he can assist with some guidance @Butcher1973

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Here’s mine.

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Various bits of PVC pipe work great for making missiles, the hard part is always the nose cone and fins on prop missiles.

That is awesome! So 2 door does work very well… The hard part with a 2-Door will be talking the wife out of the 4-Door… she wants more room for the grandkids. So the missles are pvc?

You might want to keep the wife happy :wink:

There is no real accurate Jeep that matches the shape of the Stinger, but any black jeep could make a good proxy really if you work on it.

The missiles are pvc but the nose cones and fins are 3D printed.

Ugh! Having to put project on hold… 2nd time I started this project! 1st time my son wrecked it which started constant engine issues… this time as I was waiting for the title from my car I just paid off my other son’s poor decision making has caused me to put this on the back burner for now. Thank God I only have 2 kids so the third try should work! I’ll post once I start back on it.