Sunbow cartoon Cobra Trooper

I wanted to know if the Sunbow Cobra Trooper is an acceptable costume. I have always preferred that look over the figures and comics version. I only know one person who has done one, Lorenzo Wilkinson, aka Stalker. I plan to do 3 versions; regular trooper, lab tech/scientist, and R&R Spa day Trooper (that’s with sleeveless t, shorts, and sneakers).


Acceptable or approvalble?

Only your first costume has to be submitted and approved by CS to join the Finest.

After that you can build any G.I. Joe costume that you want but you’re expected to build all of your costumes to the same approvalble standards.

Sunbow Cobra Troopers are canon, not obscure, and have a ton of wonderful references due to their use as the primary baddie in cartoon. Thus if done properly would be perfectly approvalble by CS, without any extra hoops.


I always make sure my costumes are as accurate as possible! Thank you for the information


I approve of this post. :+1:t5:
We need to fill out the Sunbow ranks. I can’t do this alone! :grin:


^ yea that’s spot on. They are totally acceptable as they are seen in almost every episode of the show. The other ideas of the more obscure one time off appearance types are usually not accepted like the rec room trooper. Thing to remember is that you want to represent the club in a positive and recognizable light so for approval we ask for canon characters with good enough sources


You are my inspiration…of course that photo confused me. I thought there was two people!! I reference back to your build thread for the correct items. Is you sigil a decal or embroidered?

Because the fabric is thin and stretchy, I had it printed on at a local company here in Columbia, SC.


What measurements did you use?

It’s 6" at its widest and 6" at its tallest… which is the size that’s recommend in the CRL’s for embroidering/sew-on patches on the regular trooper costume.

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Interested to know what style pants you used I love this build so classic