Supanova Pop Culture Convention 2024: AAR

After Action Report: Supanova Pop Culture Convention Sunday April 7, 2024

Combat Operations Battlefield Research Analysis (COBRA) operatives onsite at one of Melbourne’s pop culture conventions. Intel indicates high likelihood of G.I Joe activity.

G.I Joe assigned Flint to disrupt any and all COBRA operations.

Target of Opportunity: strong evidence of G.I Joe Classified figures across multiple vendors and capturing a triple Cobra pack at convention -discount!

Three potential recruits - Crimson Guards are true sleeper agents and very popular!

Lots of photo ops with local Umbrella Corporation, PMC, and other operators. Uncertain about their intentions or if ‘convention-euphoria’ was driving their enthusiasm.

Side note: didn’t realise that i was a member of the ‘Melbourne Costume Group’ so opportunities, recruitment and administration/local insurance doors are open to explore.

Mission Status: Complete
End report