This Commander needs a Hood!

I spent a good deal of my weekend in the Commander battle helmet which I started to find an equilibrium with without completely fogging over and getting over a bit of claustrophobic reactions. I found myself staying in the helmet longer after day two playing CoCo but I still need some relief.

In effort to stay in costume I’m finding that a CoCo hood would do me some good. My target is to get as close to the Sideshow version as I can


Would anyone here happen to have a pattern or advice to work from?

Thanks in advance

Check with Ray El on the members Facebook page. Not sure if he’s on the forums. His is awesome.

Most people who do the hood well use an eye mask as a base to build over and to give it the proper shape. Most fabric masks without any support just flop around on the face and don’t sit naturally so gotta attach the eye/nose area to a mask.

I’ve been looking at that as well. There was an Etsy seller who used to sell one but no longer has a page with products

I know a lot of well done Spider-Man face mask employ an under structure as well. I have some ideas on how to go about that but really I’m hoping that someone has a flat pattern to take a look at and do some trial sew tests to get the right amount to drape to this.