To be someones icon

Ive been reenacting most of my life, and w the finest for at least 3 years now. But this is the first outing as Shipwreck. Let me tell you it is a difference as a main character vs a background guy. I got stopped more and told childhood stories, got pictures with more, even had the privilage of getting my picture with a young gunners mate in the coast guard.

It was a big day for me. Got to take my girls to something for them. Took 4.5 hours each way but was well worth the daddy daughter time.
As always had a great time w the finest


It’s always neat to meet folks when you’re dressed as their favorite character! At one con there was a little kid who recognized Mercer and said that Mercer was his favorite. Made me feel like a million bucks! It’s one of my favorite things about dressing up in G.I. Joe costumes.

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That was like that for me wearing my Snake Eyes. People kept coming over to me and telling me how much the character meant to them. The fact that I would nod and give the thumbs up but not speak gave fans a real kick. :blush:

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