Trade Teams - Which character and why?

If you could change a Gijoe or Cobra character to cross over to the other side, who would it be?

For me it would be Wild Weasel. He is one of the best. If he were a Joe, I’d imagine his flight suit would be olive drab. I kind of want to customize one like this just for the Hell of it.

What about you?

Keep stormshadow on the side of Cobra instead of constantly making him good. Theres way too many ninjas on the Joe side and with the current ARAH books the good guys are way too stacked with these super powerful ninja joes now and they keep adding new ones. Storm Shadow was at least a counter, as really almost every Cobra character gets clowned by any of the Joe arashikage characters

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It might be fun to have some gi Joes turn to the cobra side. Off the top of my head would be Chuckles and Roadblock.

Chuckles is a natural turn coat double agent.
Roadblock would be awesome to see a jive-talkin’ big ol’ baddy laying down .50 cal fire on the Joes. Cobra needs a little more charisma and Roadblock would be a good choice

That’s interesting. I can’t imagine Roadblock as a bad guy. He’s too wholesome, we don’t deserve him!

Helix and Scarlett to Cobra!! They need more badass women!!!