Treeflx anyone?

I was watching a cosplay tutorial on YouTube and came across a product I hadn’t heard of call Treeflx. This looks like a miracle product for costume construction.

Has anyone had any experience with this?

Check out their promo video:

I’m blown away by the durability test.
I currently don’t have any excuse to buy anything yet for a project but I’d think this would be great for body armor pieces base form with resin and paint over the top. It seems to be a little pricey but more than makes up for it considering it’s more friendly on the product make up; not that I’m a huge tree hugger but if it could replace working with nasty plastic fumes and fiberglass, I’d be game.

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Is it more expensive than worbla? That stuff is pretty great too but the cost is ridiculous for making anything of decent size and strength. Pretty much why EVA keeps being the go to for so many.

I only found this one link on amazon. It seems pricey

TreeFLX Color Pack 4 Sheets