Here are some great resources used by many of our members when researching costume builds. Good for browsing for ideas as well as getting detail info needed to help your costume’s accuracy!

Finest Field Manuals -Our very own Finest Field Manuals. These guides are designed to help costumers build some of the popular trooper builds while giving guidance as to help maintain uniformity amongst the group. Tons of excellent information found in these for some of the most popular of costumes. - A living GI Joe database, one of the most comprehensive resources available for the study of actual GI Joe products with tons of detailed photos. - Another great resource for high quality scans and even full 3D photography of many classic GIJoe toys. - Some real world weapon to toy comparisons. Trying to figure out what weapon or accessory to get for your costume? Take a look here! - Wonder what some of the popular Joes had for patches and insignia on their outfits? GI Joe used lot of real world references, sometimes using actual real logos in simplified forms or modifying them to not cause offense to anyone. While many logos are custom, there was many that were based off real world units and groups. - The big Wiki for everything GI Joe. Goes beyond the toys, digs into the fictional worlds including all the comic book series. Another good tool for doing character research beyond the toys. - The official Iron Grenadier detachment of The Finest. Looking to build a Destro or Iron Grenadier faction costume? This is your primary resource with a ton of members who have great experience with these costumes. - The Finest Recruitment Facebook group. Prefer facebook and want to link up with other costume builders? Our recruitment page is designed around helping to guide costumers into joining our ranks, join today if you would like some social media guidance.

3 Likes - Another handy source for modern figures, with minor commentary Use the categories or search feature to find what you’re looking for. Often has multiple high-resolution photos of figures from different angles. Very useful if you cannot get a figure physically due to cost.