V1 Vice Admiral Keel Haul costume build

Here are the parts I used for my Keel Haul.

The jacket is a used brown leather jacket that looked close to what the figure had. I added the Keel Haul patch made by me (artwork provided by Ron Rudat), 3 stars (what a Vice Admiral would have) for the shoulders, navel wings painted antique gold, and ribbons that I thought would go with the character based on his filecard. Most are original, but some are altered with acrylic paint. Also, not pictured, are a standard pair of black boots and black leather gloves.

The pants are tan cargo pants and the shirt is a Red Kap chambray shirt. I attached star patches to the collar.

The hat is made from several parts. I’m a budget guy, so I found several of these things at a flea market. The hat is an Army officer cap. I don’t have the double scrambled eggs, but that’s ok. I made the white cover, the front badge I bought for $1 at the flea market, and to give it that “headphones over the hat look” pilots would have, I removed the original part that was inside that gave it that stuff look and used electrical wire to bend into shape. I think it came out decent.

The belt and drop leg. I bought a drop leg holster with one leg strap removed and painted a toy M1911 pistol silver. The belt itself is a standard black leather belt that you can add a buckle to. I made the buckle from two parts I found on eBay. A round blank buckle and a stick on anchor that fit perfect. I have to repaint the buckle because it’s been sitting in a tote.

The final product. Excuse the banana…it was JoeCon 2018 and they didn’t allow weapons…plus they’re good for you.


Very nice! Thanks for detailing out your costume!


Fantastic, Thank you for sharing the build.


Nice, I want to make Keel-Haul as well . Can you tell me where you had the arm patches made for the jacket?

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I made the Keel Haul patch (straight from Ron Rudat’s art he sent me) and the rest came from eBay. The collar should probably have pins, but I couldn’t find a cheap set at the time, so I went with patches. I am still planning on purchasing pins and maybe upgrading, but I haven’t wore the costume in so long, I kind of forgot.


Thanks for the help Boss Czar