V54 Snake Eyes (Commando)

Snake Eyes v54 (commando)

This is ABSOLUTELY my #lastcostume. It’s one that I’ve wanted to do since I’ve started this Finest costuming gig. It’s my 13th and final Joe themed costume. Still have things to do. I’m not that happy with the mask (another one due in at some point). Maybe, at some point, I will have someone 3D print one or something. I have a prototype for the MP5 mag pouch rig…still have some work to do on that. Not shown is the Uzi, drop holster on right leg, the drop pouches on the left, and the leg knife (which I think I will forgo).



Great start, why is this your last?

Thanx! I have too many. I’m going to go back and improve on most of the ones I have.

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Spoiler alert.

It wasn’t my last.

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#lastcostume Just giving you a hard time @Raynstroyk_Czar I love building costumes too.