Welcome to Discourse

Welcome you to the new Finest forums! We’ve been working to create a newly modernized home for the Finest forums, and we’re delighted to present Discourse as that home! These forums are both for new prospective members as well as current members of the Finest.

You’ll need to sign-up for an account in order to participate in the community but it’s super simple!

Once you have an account, I wanted to direct you to some resources that are very helpful in learning our new forums:

Neat things you should explore:

Most of the important stuff is viewable by clicking on the small three line icon next to your avatar.

Also, you should have received a welcome message from Discobot! This is a handy little guy who walks you through some of the features of Discourse that you might miss otherwise.

After you complete the basic tutorial from Discobot, you can also start an advanced tutorial by sending Discobot a message with the line @Discobot start advanced tutorial

Finally, we’ve also enabled the ability to reply to topics via email. To do so, simply reply to any notification email you receive in your email client!

Thanks and welcome,
Finest Commanding Officer