What should my next costume be? #lastcostume

If I were to do another costume, what would it be? I have a few I want to do, but just curious to what the hive mind says.

Here are the costumes I currently do:
Viper v28
Beachhead v1, v10, v14 (Resolute)
Strato Viper (retired)
Bazooka (semi-retired)
Low Light v3
Ruslan (Oktober Guard)
Keel Haul v1 and Tiger Force Keel Haul

Non-canon- Timbit (and Snack Pack) and Spook (Fury Force)

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Is there a reason for retirement, or perhaps go back and revisit them if there is something you didn’t like about those costumes

Strats needs a lot of TLC, plus with Gerry’s awesome 3D printed helmet, mine is now obsolete. If I get the $$$, I might update it. Also, Bazooka’s jersey (homemade in 2015) needs to be replaced. Numbers are starting to crack and peel.

I’d like to see you do a Dreadnok like Ripper or Torch. You’d be great!

I was thinking Thrasher, actually.

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