What's inside your helmet?

I just received my trooper helmet yesterday and was wondering what everybody has put inside for a better fit? Pictures would be helpful if possible??

This is a great question that deserves a tutorial!

Eric the XO of central Defense has a trick that he’s employed using a cheap hard hat liner that is cut out and glued into the trooper helmet. This greatly helps to not look like you’re drunk in photos because when your helmet is tipped one way or off center it looks like you’ve been out partying all night.

Some people add additional foam pads from replacement helmet padding kits you find on amazon. These can work too but you can still end up with a tippy/sideways helmet.

I don’t have any photos on hand but I believe this is a perfect upgrade that should be documented and shared here.

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Thanks…I actually was thinking that after I posted!:joy: I’ve got plenty of experience with using that method in my Stormtrooper and TIE Pilot helmets!!:wink::ok_hand:

Perfect! Glad you have experience because it’s not that it’s hard to do but difficult to explain.

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I have a headband from a hard hat in mine. It hangs from the bolts I use to hold goggles strap. I also have a fan and 4 AAA batteries to power it. That helps clear lens fog.


I just hot glued in some foam on the forehead area to keep it from sliding forward and two little pieces on the side to keep it from tilting. I just hot glued on over the foam already in there from PVS

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I bought a Viper helmet and had the same question. I thought of a motorcycle helmet lining and padding. Haven’t tried it yet.

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I like to just use individual pads strategically placed. Liners are nice for snug fits, but can be a paint to size and also they add a lot of heat to your head. I like pads as you can leave more gaps for some air flow in your helmet. I like to just get the style of pad sets you get for GI helmets and such, come with sticky velcro pads and you customize easily with them.

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In my 501st buckets I have foam in one and a hard hat liner in another. both options seem to work well for me but the foam does like to soak up the sweat on hot days.

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An small before and after i got those helmet pads for MICH helmets from an airsoft store.
Problem solved, pretty comfortable and stays in place all the time.


That’s exactly what I ended up doing. Thanks for sharing.

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