WIP: Cobra Tactical Trooper (TXPriest)

Working on tuning my kit before submitting for approval.

Current update: working on final filler/sanding stage for helmet. Once that is complete, I will be painting and then should be ready for submission.

for some reason i cannot imbed images so will have to wait.


Awesome! Just make sure you have a canon reference to submit, as well.

Life caused delays but great news.
helmet is completed. will bee taking submission pictures this afternoon.

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Can’t wait to see it!

unable to post the image links. is there an email i can send them to?

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We received your photos, but you are missing your reference photo that your costume is based on. Remember that it should match your costume and be canon. Also, we would need your age, city, and state.


just let me know if you need anything else.

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Just the above things and we should be good to vote on your costume. Thanx!

images attached above. primary guidelines were taken from Cobra Tactical Trooper CRL. (Cobra trooper variant toys are pictured as examples of options.)

Images didn’t come through. You can email them.

And as long as the picture you based your costume off of is Hasbro licensed and not a custom.

they are Hasbro “Classified” series. I can try to find an in-package example if that can help

I’m familiar…but I’d like to offer you some advice. The costume you built is based on our Cobra Trooper Field Manual. The Classified Trooper is a lot different than that manual. They are more complicated. I will submit as is with this reference if you like, but please notice the difference between what you built and the figure. Let me know how you would like to proceed.

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From the pic you look closer to the ‘classic’ trooper from the field manual then the classified (for starters the helmet and face mask).

Just a couple of tweaks and you’re good imo, it would be a shame not to be approved just because of the reference sent in.