WIP Cobra Trooper (v15)

I’m undertaking a new build and need some help! I’m thinking about building a Cobra Trooper V15

Specifically, the h-harness is very unique.

I think I’ll start with the standard condor h-harness that most of our troopers use. Pouches and buckles should be easy. Just not sure about the flare/grenade launcher

Thoughts or suggestions?


The only thing about the Condor H harness that’s different is the center of the back molle plate. I attempted to look for something without that and the only thing that came up for me was the Blackhawk Initial Response “H” Harness in a quick search.


It’s not exactly a home run either, but perhaps a touch closer

Yeah I started looking into that. The back is definitely different. I think the best looking one I’ve found so far maybe this one (comes in black)

Trying to find pics of it on a person. Sort off dig the slimmer strap look.

Edit: Pretty sure the slim h-harness is being used in this pic.

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The slim version you found is a much better choice. This version of the cobra trooper is a fav for the 4” scale versions. I really like the shape of the helmet and the blue jumpsuit look with the seam up the center of the chest.

Not sure what level you want to take this to but it’s certainly a cool figure for sure


So I actually bought a Cobra Officer uniform and helmet off of someone, was sort of between just making an officer version of this or doing the modern Cobra Officer (v12). This like my favorite trooper builder look though. Decisions, decisions.

So after really digging into that figure it looks it uses a quarter-zip assault shirt rather than the normal flapped version. I think I’ve pretty much talked myself into building both a v15 Trooper and a modern officer… I’ve already got both helmets so why not!

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For the launcher, I’m think about making a 20 or 25mm version of the AG36, seems like that caliber would be about right for the size of the launcher.


I too am attempting to build a launcher shaped object for my AK to be closer to the figure. It’s inspiring to see more folks nerding on details

Update! It’s coming along nicely I need to make some mods to the slim-h harness but I’m happy with the progress.

I found a 5.11 tactical quarter zip shirt in dark navy and also bought matching 5.11 pants, they’re a little darker than the standard proper stuff. But it’s close enough in color that it should look good with other troopers/officers.

Working on the grenade launcher this weekend hopefully.


Can we actually use this shirt?? OOOPS…nvm…i see it’s for something different. :rofl:

Yup… I’m specifically trying to build around the v15 figure. Which is a bit more modernized than the field manual Cobra Trooper.



Same helmet as the v1 figure?

Yes :slight_smile: , for simplicity/constancy with our other troopers’ sake I’m going to use the standard PVS Trooper helmet.

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Hmmmmm…i might try my hand at this one too? (once my Range Viper is done.)

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Pics, or it doesn’t exists! :grin:

Progress continues

Here’s the Grenade Launcher\Flare gun I built

And test wear of 5.11 BDU’s and slim H-Harness with the launcher.


I just realized I actually have this figure :rofl::rofl::rofl: … I think for the flare gun I’d go with a USN Sedgley Mk5

But that’s me.

I went Soviet BLOC Era Flare gun due to the overwhelming reference between COBRA and the Soviet-era gear.

I’ve got an actual one deactivated version of the flare gun I based this on. I’ll get some comparison shots later tonight.

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Outstanding!!! Looks kick @$$!!!:metal::snake:

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I love seeing all the trooper variants done with particular reference. Nice change up

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