WIP: Mind mapping for Victoria, AUST squad creation

In lieu of a better place on the forum to record these thoughts:


  1. JTF-666 Motto - “Invictus”

Naming considerations:

  • Joint Task Force - too close to real military terminology? ‘Joint’ = Joe/Cobra/MARS
  • 666 - superstitious (no JTF designation) /heavy metal music reference (Melbourne is unofficial music capital of Australia) no finest unit with a ‘6’ in desgination?
  • Invictus - meaning - ‘unconquerable’ linked to wounded warriors, utilise letters ‘V’ ‘I’ ‘C’

Symbols and shape considerations

  • Heraldry/Shield = associated with defence
  • Arrow/swords/firearms = offence
  • State colours = Azure (Blue) & Silver

Joint Task Force
Victoria’s Coat of Arms
4th Light Horse Regt


I definitely like link with VIC and Invictus!

I have had run-ins with folks who were very sensitive about 666. On the Central Defense garrison (Midwest USA) page, we made a post pointing out our 666 like with what we thought was a pretty obvious Iron Maiden reference. We had a couple folks call us sick and immediately unlike and block the page. I’m sure it’s a very small minority of folks who would take it that far, but it is something to consider especially starting out and trying to build contacts and a network.

If you’re open to outside suggestion, one idea might be to use 6, or even the numeral VI to make it JTF6 or JTF-VI. That would also play into InVIctus.

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Thanks for the feedback Ryan - all great points!

This definitely works - and is concise.

I had thought about trying to link to USS Flagg, but realised that it was designated as CVN-99, not CV-66.

I’ll work on this for another month or so (while we’re in extended lockdown) to see if any other options come to mind


Proposed details for squad

  • Area of Representation = state of Victoria, Australia
  • Historical significance = 1901 Capital of Australia,
  • Military History = WWI home of 4th Light Horse Regiment, WWII Allied Command - Pacific Theatre, naval shipyards and present ADF JTF (Training) and JTF (Logistics)

The Finest: Resource Manual
Forming Squads & Garrisons

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if you ever need help creating your logo with your ideas and input I’m sure many talented folks can give you a hand.
We have a few graphic artist on board (and a Photoshop Jedi, who me?!? lol)

Don’t be shy in asking, I for one would gladly lend you a hand.

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Hi Omega - thanks for the offer!

I’m definitely open to suggests, as my strengths are more in the ideas department… …as in generally I have no idea

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Came across a military patch (without edging on twill) a while back, possibly US Army WWII (though not all vendors out here are knowledgeable in this field) but was inspiration for this idea

Recent trend in merch for many clubs has been to do puzzle-piece patches - X amount of patches join together to make a mighty big patch

So, with a rejig of the text, the two forces could have their own element, then be combined to form the squad/garrison patch

Site: Canva.com

According to fontsquirrel they call the G.I. Joe font ‘Commando’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s also on the interwebs as Hauser and Action Force.


I dig the name and motto. Some of my favorite garrison squad logos incorporate parts of their geography, would be especially neat considering that you’re in Australia.