5284 - G.I. Joe Flint Sideshow variant

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Could not find Flint’s beret flash, so I ordered the generic 7th SFG flash as a place holder until a better option becomes available

Flint’s rank is listed from E-6 through to WO-3 & WO-4. For consistency with other members who have done this costume, I went with the WO-4 rank

Noticed that this shirt doesn’t have the sleeve pockets which have loop panels for the insignia

With the addition of loops for the shotgun shells, this rig could work…

Looking good! I built a sunbow version based partial on the sideshow figure as well. If you have questions I’m happy to help.

My build is here: Sunbow Flint Build

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Your thread was the first one I read when I started workshopping this project!

A very CoCo/Joe mail call today - though I did order the incorrect size for the jump wings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Progress on Flint’s shirt. Using the movie joe logo as a placeholder and basic shape/size to mock up the patch on the left sleeve


If you have an embroidery person in your area, I have the file I can send you for the SS Flint patch.

That would be awesome!

Email: kimelius5284@gmail.com

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Sent. The file I sent you is for a Brother machine (.PES), but I can export it as any embroidery file you may need.

Uniform test shots:

Inspired by the 80’s dossier cardback


“Badges? Badges? We don’t need no stinking Badges!”

Oh wait, wrong forum - I think I have found the right size of master Jump wings (1.5 inch)

The OD/Tan Flag patch set is sized at 3 x 2 inch. Not sure if that’s standard, but it fits my shirt so it appears to be proportional.

The examples of issued flag patches in OD/Black appear to be too dark for this purpose. Given the mix of colours (including tan or coyote brown webbing) in this variant of Flint, I don’t think the od/tan patch will deter from the look

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Finally got around to sewing on the loop and attaching the flags and jump wings


Excellent look! Just the rig left to go?

Work list:
2. pistol belt with cartridge loops (to be sourced or made)
3. w/NCO buckle (purchased, in transit)
4. shotgun harness and approx 30 x shells (materials acquired, to be assembled)
5. battle belt & pouches (to be sourced)
6. Pump action shotgun

Like the inherent differences between brands using the term ‘dark navy’ - tan, khaki, coyote brown and kangaroo appear to be interchangeable with little consistency.

Perhaps some light weathering will help tie the varieties together?

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