G.I. Joe, the Table Top Role Playing Game

I just pre-oredered the GI Joe TTRPG from Renegade Studios and am looking forward to creating an original character and running a game even if I run solo.

How about ya’ll?

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I saw it was curious, but I couldn’t justify the cost without knowing a bit more about it. I definitely might check it out though, would be fun to have a game.

I will let you know if February when they release it.

The risk to me was worth it. The company does really good work (The are responsible for the latest edition of Vampire: The Masquerade which is incredible.), and just the idea of playing an original character, my proxy in all reality, playing in the GI Joe sandbox made it even more desirable.

Plan on getting it, and probably Transformers, though I don’t really have interested in playing Transformers, I do like that they have said the games are compatible system wise so crossover is easy. It’s been out a while, but checkout Freedom Squadron which uses Savage Worlds system, it’s an homage and based on GI Joe and 80s cartoons. A very unique game that is more story telling than crunchy rules


I will be looking into that. I have a few of the Savage Worlds modules already. I do prefer an emphasis on storytelling and world building.

I know we as an organization do not accept OC costumes, but it is hard not to be a costumer and not put one together for an RPG. I already started building mine and the game hasn’t even come out of pre-order yet.

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I’m looking forward to getting a chance to play it. Have they said when they expect to ship it?

Delayed till early possibly June. Almost all their products keep getting pushed back

I am trying to be patient, but I really want this game.

I have been writing fan fic, and making fan art by photographing action figures to kill the time. Oh and dressing up and going to conventions.

Pretty soon though I am going to write my own table top rpg.

I want it, but the cost seems exuberant. Particularly fpr my money-concious wife.

In other news, I want to write a Wargame Ruleset that we can use our 3 3/4" and 4" Joes with.


Yeah, the price is a little bit of a hold up for me as well. $40 for even the pdf seems a bit steep.

I found this site doing what looks like the book for that much, but I don’t know if they’re legit or not. Some cursory online snooping says they can be pretty slow to ship, so no clue how long after release they would be.

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Never having played a tabletop RPG, how does the price compare to others, like Dungeons & Dragons?

Also, I hope the character creator is everything I hope it is.

And I hope everyone realises this is the logical advancement of Steel Brigade. Lol

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These days, D&D books can be about $50 a pop, but the basic player’s handbook can be picked up at about $30. Given this is probably a much smaller run, I think the cost is justified somewhat. The trick though is that although it’s a D20 system, it’s completely new so I don’t think anyone knows much about it.

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I have a respectable collection of RPG’s and I got really excited about this. I played Renegade Studios Vampire: The Masquerade (5ed) I found the book itself to be a work of art and easier to follow than the 1st edition from back in the day.

Which is part of the reason I took a chance with this. I could have waited for it to come out and have my comic book shop order it for my but with the pre-order I got the PDF for free. So all in all not a bad deal. I collect the things that set my brain on fire.

RPG’s are pricier than they used to be. I think the trade off being, the backstories are better written, the art is generally better and more extensive, and the amount of playtesting that goes into making the game mechanics hopefully more easier to understand and get into gameplay makes the ticket shock worth it for you. I figure they are charging what they are because they figure you are going to share it with your buddies. At 300 pages I am pretty sure not a lot of people are going to print it. (I have a three ring binder set aside for it never the less…)

I am excited about the idea of creating your own original characters, and that RPing with action figures is equally exciting, particularly if you do any Warhammer or Warhammer 40K and this is just an excuse to build lots of dioramas. Living room sized dioramas if you are breaking out the vehicles. I have a USS Flagg sized flight deck made out of cardboard that takes the entire dining room table…

I LOVE that you want to write your own game! I make my own board games and RPGs all the time!!! I sorta started doing that with this during the wait for the game to come out.

The price is on par with other hardbacks of the same page count nowadays. DnD books you technically need the 2-3 main core books to play (if you want the monster manual, which is kinda important) and they raised their price over the years to now each being $50. This game is all in one package for less and not split into multiple books.

Also to note, it’s not a D20 system. This is the Essence20 system which is Renegades own system and has quite a few differences.


I would argue being based on using d20’s makes it a d20 system, but I suppose that has specific connotations. Do you know more about it, like the differences? Everything I’ve seen seems really basic, like the auto crit thing which I’m a bit hesitant on.

I noticed they are making game specific dice as well. If this is set up like V:TM then a lot of the mechanics are going to allow flexibility on the GM’s part and allow more for narrative and storytelling. Sadly, I know that this doesn’t stop rules mongering, or contradictive rulings. In the end it comes down to who you are playing with.

D20 is WOTC’s own trademarked game system, just using a D20 doesn’t mean they are using the same game engine. Essence using a mix of rolling a D20 dice along with a selection of various dice attached to a skill pool. The higher your skill, the more dice in your dice pool choosing the highest roll combining your base with your skill. Skilling up gives you multiple dice your rolling from D2’s up to D20’s. You still only get one value to choose from but higher skill increases your dice range for your skill test which is added to a D20 roll. The D20 roll itself is the generic roll for everyhing, skills is what are going to give you that extra edge. Any dice at all rolled for max value trigger crits, which is meant to give a higher chance of heroic feeling characters in their systems. The higher the skill, the more chances of rolling crits, they wanted to go for a larger than life hero system with their game systems which might not be for everyone. But it also makes sense with the IPs using the system. This reminds me of the various 40k pen and paper RPGs where your bad ass Space Marines are constantly failing tests, struggling to fight meager humans and getting constantly terrorized and beaten by stuff that makes no sense lore wise.

The game also uses the 4 S’s, four base stats instead of the big list of stats found in many games, it’s kept very simple, along with point systems dedicated to narrative roleplaying aspects.

The game has lot of similarities to the FATE system it feels like, though it kinda reminds me of a mix of various game systems too.

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I think the advantage here is that it’s target numbers based on the GM, rather than roll under systems like the Warhammer stuff. That should give some more wiggle room for folks to dial in the frequency of success how they like. I’d prefer if skills gave set bonuses, rather than random ones based on a particular dice, but I suppose I’ll see how things go.

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Not much chatter from the RPG and table top gamers about this project here in Australia yet. Some vendors know of the project and the franchise but specific availabilities and release dates remain uncertain.

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