G.I. Joe, the Table Top Role Playing Game

I just pre-oredered the GI Joe TTRPG from Renegade Studios and am looking forward to creating an original character and running a game even if I run solo.

How about ya’ll?

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I saw it was curious, but I couldn’t justify the cost without knowing a bit more about it. I definitely might check it out though, would be fun to have a game.

I will let you know if February when they release it.

The risk to me was worth it. The company does really good work (The are responsible for the latest edition of Vampire: The Masquerade which is incredible.), and just the idea of playing an original character, my proxy in all reality, playing in the GI Joe sandbox made it even more desirable.

Plan on getting it, and probably Transformers, though I don’t really have interested in playing Transformers, I do like that they have said the games are compatible system wise so crossover is easy. It’s been out a while, but checkout Freedom Squadron which uses Savage Worlds system, it’s an homage and based on GI Joe and 80s cartoons. A very unique game that is more story telling than crunchy rules


I will be looking into that. I have a few of the Savage Worlds modules already. I do prefer an emphasis on storytelling and world building.

I know we as an organization do not accept OC costumes, but it is hard not to be a costumer and not put one together for an RPG. I already started building mine and the game hasn’t even come out of pre-order yet.

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I’m looking forward to getting a chance to play it. Have they said when they expect to ship it?

Delayed till early possibly June. Almost all their products keep getting pushed back

I am trying to be patient, but I really want this game.

I have been writing fan fic, and making fan art by photographing action figures to kill the time. Oh and dressing up and going to conventions.

Pretty soon though I am going to write my own table top rpg.