Hello from Delaware

Hello all,

Ive had friends in the finest for ages and recently decided to be more active. Im a EMT/Firefighters since 2011 for the first state. I have a huge appreciation for what you all do and cant wait to be part of it all.


Welcome! Thank you for all you do! What character are you planning on joining with?

Im about 90ish percent complete towards having a complete cobra trooper. I have followed the field guide and have friends in the finest giving guidance. Has there been an official guide for the cobra swat?

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Not a field manual, yet, but here is the thread that some others have put together for the Shock Trooper (aka SWAT).

Welcome to the forums Phil. We also have The Finest Recruitment page on FB to help with any questions.

Awesome! and welcome from Richmond!!!

Welcome from spain!!

Welcome! There are a couple of Cobra Shock Troopers among our ranks, but the thread @Raynstroyk_Czar linked is an excellent way to get started if that’s your interest. Feel free to contact me if you need any help or have questions!