Snow Serpent Build Log

Here’s the Snow Serpents we built in the Tigerhawks. We used Russian Tanker Helmets, snow googles, grey flight suits (same as the AT-AT drivers), custom 3d printed masks, dyed parachute bags with a custom made harness, custom made fur gauntlets & shawl.

Helmet & Mask


Source: Amazon we replaced strap with all white elastic

Summer Russian Tanker Helmet

Source: eBay


Source: Xero Props

Fur Collar

Source: Amazon

Parachute Harness


  • 1.5 In Nylon Webbing Source: Amazon
  • US V-Ring and Sliders, eBay
  • Assorted Buckles and D-Rings.

We also attached velcro to the harness and flight suit to keep this from sliding around.

Parachute Bag

US T-10 reserve chute
Source: eBay

Dyed with RIT Synthetic Dye “Saphire Blue” Source: Amazon

Stuffed with foam to give it shape. Parachute handle sewed in.


Source: Cosplay Sky

Fur Bracers

6mm EVA Foam shaped to fit our forearms, covered with white long fur from Joann’s Fabrics and elastic straping to hold in place.

Misc. Parts.

  • Black Combat Boots, could use blue ones, or get blue boot covers
  • Grey Gloves

Future upgrades

  • Scaled up helmet to better match the reference
  • Smaller scaled mask.
  • Blue boot covers

Highly recommend you also look at @ripley’s Pinterest board for her Rise of Cobra Snow Serpent build


She’s got some good tips on building various parts and pieces!


I wrote Nikki to see if she’d be so kind to copy/paste her work here. She’s got a great detailed build, I’d love to have others be able to reference it here


100% agreed! I’m actually referencing her build to update parts of mine :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing!!!

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