Listing off my cosplays

Well here’s a fun idea! In responding to Czar’s roster update, I listed out my Joe outfits. I realized I got more going on than I really thought I did!

Tiger Force Duke
Resolute Duke
DEF Cutter
Night Force Chuckles
Crimson Guardsman
Cobra Officer
Cobra Commander

That’s 12 total! (Though I’ll acknowledge the CC needs a re-dye of the suit, or repainting the helmet…) Either, what do some of you currently got going on???

P.S. My next goal is to see if I have a picture of me in each outfit. I’m not sure I have one in the NF Chuckles…?


Did not realize I had pics in my Resolute Duke!!


This group has set my brain on fire!

  • Keel Haul
  • Action Sailor
  • Cobra Trooper (WIP)
  • Greenshirt (WIP)
  • Zartan for my Wife (WIP)
  • Cobra Femme Trooper for my wife (WIP)
  • I aknowledge this is completely unofficial, but I am building an OC for the upcoming GI Joe RPG, Fluke, GI Joe Marine Mammal Handler (Complete)

This has not stopped at costuming and the fore mentioned RPG, I am writing fan fic, making fan art, collecting action figures, and making blueprints to build my own USS Flagg out of plywood.

The possibilities are endless, and I am looking forward to whatever else this brings out of my skull hole!


I had a complete list somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it at this point. So I think this is most of mine.


  1. Cobra Commander (Cobra Reborn)
  2. Mercer (V1)
  3. Mercer (Nightforce/America’s Elite)
  4. Mercer (Tigerforce)
  5. Cobra Viper (Classic’ 83)
  6. Cobra Viper (Sideshow)
  7. Shipwreck (v16)
  8. Shipwreck (v14)
  9. Snow Serpent
  10. Gnawgahyde (v1)
  11. Flint (Sunbow)
  12. Flint (Tigerforce)
  13. IG Sgt Major Duncan
  14. Storm Shadow (v3)
  15. Cobra Trooper (v15)
  16. Cobra Officer


  • Steel Brigade
  • Cobra Trooper Classified


  • Stormshadow V3
  • Sideshow Viper
  • Snow Serpent


  • Cobra Commander (Cobra Reborn)/Sideshow
  • Gnawgahyde

Not started:

  • Two secret ones

I think it’d be fun to pull together pics of all of these.


OK…I’ll bite…

  1. Bazooka (initial approval costume - RETIRED)
  2. Strato Viper (RETIRED)
  3. Keel Haul v1 (SEMI-RETIRED)
  4. Viper v28 (bracers need help, other than that - COMPLETE)
  5. Snake Eyes v54 (COMPLETE)
  6. Beachhead v1 (COMPLETE)
  7. Beachhead v10 (COMPLETE)
  8. Beachhead v10 Resolute (COMPLETE)
  9. Rock Viper v4 (COMPLETE)
  10. Oktober Guard Russian (COMPLETE)
  11. Low Light v3 (95% COMPLETE - it AND I need some work)
  12. Timbit and Snack Pack (non-canon - COMPLETE)
  13. Tiger Force Keel Haul (non-canon - RETIRED)
  14. Cobra Trooper (tactical, for now - ALMOST COMPLETE)
  15. Grease Trap (Cobra chef based on custom figure - non-canon - COMPLETE)
  16. Spook (from Larry Hama’s Fury Force - non-canon - COMPLETE)

I will regularly rotate Beachhead v1, v10, Viper, Snake Eyes, Rock Viper, and Cobra Trooper.

I’d like to finish “club kid” Low Light, but I need to lose some weight, buy new fishnet stuff, etc. Timbit is for fun and comfort (was recognized at JoeCon).

I have Ruslan ready for any Oktober Guard group events.

Everything else is just there.

I want to do a Bullhorn and Darkon.

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Fluke sounds exciting!

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I feel like I need another Duke…


Thanks! It was fun letting my imagination run with this one and turn a “What if…” into a “To do…”

When the weather warms up I am going to get some pictures of it at the beach. If I am going to go through the trouble of making a costume and not show it off somehow.

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Another rare cosplay I’m glad I found a picture of! DEF Cutter!

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Steel Brigade (in progress).

Lol, the only thing I currently have for that costume is my local garrison patch. Got it at GR Comic Con a year or two ago.

Maybe once I’m done I’ll start building a Viper.


HEEEEEY! I’ve got everything to do a Chuckles costume right NOW.

Unless my shirt needs to be THAT shirt.

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If you have things to build a Chuckles, depending on the reference photo, you can use that as your submission costume.

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Ah, the devil is in the details. I think my web belt is green rather than tan. And I don’t have those pouches.

And what color are his pants?

V1 Chuckles wears just olive drab pants.

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My list is

-Tunnel Rat
-Sonic Fighters Dial-Tone


Snake Eyes V4
Snake Eyes V3
Crimson Guard V1
Tunnel Rat (Sonic Fighters)